Blue Flower

Doll-like natural fluffy hair

The natural curling feel brings exoticism, and it also relieves the coolness of straight hair. If you like to take something casual in your personality, try this messy look.
Recommend three long hair beauty elf hairstyles


1 Bangs uses a hair curler with a short hair in french dryer to create a slightly swelled feeling.

2 Follow the principle of randomness when curling.

3 Use the sly method to create a random messy feeling, and then spray the styling products.

Casual and feminine hairstyle

When I got up in the morning, my hair was too messy and I didn't have time to rinse again. Then it is just right for this look! A little messy is the foundation that brings the feminine effect, and the mess of the surface will of course be neat.

Recommend three long hair beauty hairstyles


1 You don't need to use a comb when you tie your hairĀ fashion wigs, you can feel free to feel free.

2 The color of the hair accessories should not be too fancy, unified and harmonious, and the sense of exquisiteness is very important.

Heavy texture without layered straight hair

The neat bangs and hair ends continue the nostalgic trend that began in the previous season. The fierce cold black has injected fresh elements into it, and the innocent attitude of returning to nature has become a personal endorsement.
Recommend three long hair beauty elf hairstyles


1, color focus: cold black.

2, the thick hair characteristics are the perfect conditions to achieve this hair style, girls with less hair and soft, you can choose to send hair or use a full-fledged hair products.

3, the bangs are trimmed into a subtle semi-circularity, and the tip of the "one" shape echoes it.