Blue Flower

The latest fresh female growth hair, full of fashion girl feeling

Female growth hair is the most beautiful hairstyle, but it is also a fashion versatile hairstyle, but to become more temperament, long-haired girls may come over, what are you and what fashionistas you lack, teach you the latest The best looking long hair makes you more beautiful.

Face-lifting is the most important part of a girl's clip in hair extensions style. No girl wants to have a face-lifting effect, but also increases the fit between the hair style and the face shape. The long straight hair with a partial shape naturally deforms the face of the face with the face shape. lovely.

The fresh literary girls trimmed an air bangs long straight hair style to show the agility, neat hair style makes the overall shape look more generous, revealing a lovely delicate face.

The neat inner buckle hair is very thin at the end of the hair, making the hair style lighter, and the round connection is subtly modified. The charming smile is the fashion charm of the fresh girl.

The round-faced girl is divided into a wave of hot hair, and the hair extensions is combed into an upward style along the cheek, and the hair is also very beautiful. Round-faced girls comb hair styles, hair curls between hair ends and hair are more important.

A lady with long hair style, a long-faced girl with a long hair style, a long straight hair with a straight hair, and a wavy hair combed along the forehead is very layered. The cheeks are combed directly on both sides, and the hair ends are shredded. Broken combs are straight and straight.

The oblique bangs comb is exquisitely designed. The hair that goes down from both sides of the cheek will be a little short, and the hair ends will be finely broken. The hair will be combed into two layers from the shoulder, and the oblique bangs will be rounded on the forehead.