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4 simple hairstyles perfect for social occasions

In response to social occasions, in addition to a decent and gorgeous little dress, hair style is also the key to enhance temperament. And are you still upset about the hairstyles in social situations? Xiao Bian recommends several simple and refreshing hairstyles, and the troubles are easily solved.

Gorgeous sense

Even if there are no gorgeous hair accessories, it will make the modern feelings come out. The unique structure makes the fluffy hairline full of layers, friendly and gorgeous, perfect for a relaxing family gathering.

Suitable for the crowd: Asian people's hair is hard, it seems easy to look blunt when doing this shape, we must work hard on the layering. It fits the face of anyone. The curls on one side make the face looming; the front hair bundles play the role of lengthening the face.

Three-dimensional big curly hair

The large curly hair with three-dimensional effect can make the feminine feminine taste immediately. Keep Liu Haier longer, and the simple middle score can create an affinity atmosphere, so that your affinity can reach its peak.

Suitable for the crowd: curly hair can make up for the weakness of most Asian women to a certain extent. If your face is narrow, you can try Liu Haier, which is the first choice for creating a feminine taste. The partial Liu Haier is suitable for any face type.

Retro high hair

Suitable for attending various cocktail parties, the smooth forehead enhances the temperament.

For the crowd: The key to this hairstyle is to create a high sense of hair. If the face is too long, don't try it easily, it will visually lengthen the face.

Random asymmetric disk

Exudes a woman's feminine temperament, comparable to the Korean drama heroine!

For the crowd: The beauty of this hairstyle is that as long as you have a long hair blonde wig, even if it is a tomboy character, it can also subvert the impression of others!